6 Best Practices of Kubernetes Security: Securing Your Kubernetes Cluster

6 Best Practices of Kubernetes Security

Kubernetes has become the go-to container orchestration platform for organizations of all sizes. Its ability to manage and scale containerized applications has revolutionized the world of software development. However, with the increased adoption of Kubernetes comes the need for robust Kubernetes security…

Agent-Based vs Agentless: Which Security Approach is better for Specialized Cloud Virtual Machine Workloads

Agent-Based vs Agentless Security Approach

Do you want to go agent based or agentless monitoring and security? That is the question most enterprises debate with. However, in the era of cloud computing, which is the approach to adopt, an agent-based solution which requires to install code on system under monitoring or, agentless solution which uses…

What is a Cloud Firewall? What is FireWall as a Service (FWaaS)?


Firewalls are boundary protectors, the first line of defence for enterprise networks. Firewall technology emerged in the late 1980s when the Internet was fairly a new technology in terms of its global usage and connectivity. In the year 1988 the first generation of firewalls emerged which were packet filtering firewalls,

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