Understanding AWS Terminology

aws terminology

For those who are just starting out with AWS or tech professionals who need to grasp the fundamentals of AWS terms, this article is a great place to begin. In this blog, we’ll explore some fundamental AWS terminology to set you on the right path with your cloud computing journey.

What is AWS Sagemaker? A Beginner’s Guide


Amazon’s AWS is an on-demand cloud platform that is accessible via the internet. It offers services which can be utilized to create, observe, and deploy any sort of application in the cloud. The AWS SageMaker is an important component of this. AWS SageMaker was introduced in November 2017. 

What is AWS IoT Greengrass?

What is AWS IoT Greengrass

You may create, distribute, and manage Internet of Things (IoT) apps on your devices with the aid of AWS IoT Greengrass, an open source Internet of Things (IoT) edge runtime and cloud service. Building software that lets your devices act locally on the data they produce, make predictions using machine

AWS vs Azure vs GCP: The 3 Big Cloud Providers

AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Cloud Computing provides and supports IT resources for all types of organizations and customers. Many cloud service providers are prevalent in the cloud computing market. They all provide options to the customer to select in which environment they host their data center. They also allow selecting service

AWS EBS: Amazon Elastic Block Store 

aws ebs

While working with AWS Cloud environment there may be a possibility that an EC2 Instance may loose its Root Volume (main Volume) when it is terminated manually. In AWS, unexpected terminations might also happen time to time and data loss may occur. To avoid such issues…

Comparing Cloud Developer Tools: AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Comparing cloud developer tools

Public clouds are a lucrative domain for developers as it gives easy access to various tools. All big cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP have a wide variety of developer tools but all offerings are not the same. So enterprises need to choose the right tools considering the core areas such as performance, ….

Cloud Security Comparison: AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Cloud Security Comparison: AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Cloud computing has changed drastically the way organizations work and advanced us towards a new technology era. There are many top cloud providers in the market today – Amazon web services, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM cloud and so on. Majority of enterprises are now moving towards cloud

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