What is AWS Pinpoint (Amazon Pinpoint)

Nowadays it has become crucial for organizations to understand their customer preferences and choices. Deeper engagements are required with customers via multiple channels such as email, SMS, notifications, voice messages to connect customers at a deeper level and choice of their channels.

Today we look more in detail about AWS Pinpoint which is a customer focused engagement experience solution , its features , advantages and disadvantages and use cases etc.  

Understanding AWS Pinpoint

It is an informative and expandable outbound and inbound marketing communications and customer engagement service provided through Amazon AWS. It connects customers over variety of channels such as emails, voice mails, SMS, text , notifications etc. it is adaptive to marketing scenarios and offers a wide range of features such as audience segmentation, personalization of messages, deep analytics for communications and grows as per your needs and could be scaled to billion messages globally per day. 

Features of AWS Pinpoint 

  • Audience segmentation – the reach of messages sets the right audience by defining audience segments. A segment classification lets users receive the messages for a specific campaign. Dynamic segments can be defined based on data reported by applications such as OS and Mobile device types, static segments can be defined outside Amazon Pinpoint.
  • Campaigns – can be created to engage the audience. Campaigns sent custom messages based on a predefined schedule. Multiple campaigns can be created which could send push notifications, emails, SMS text and voice messages.
  • User journeys – custom, multi-step experiences can be created using this feature. Using journey messages can be sent to customers based on their behaviours, activities and attributes. The automated workflow is created to perform a variety of actions such as sending emails to participants and waiting for a certain period determined by actions.
  • Personalization and templates – reusing content and use of message templates is another feature which is offered. It contains content and settings for reuse in messages for any Amazon AWS Pinpoint objects
  • Transactional messages – Customized on demand content delivery feature by individual recipients. Use of message variables and attributes to deliver dynamic , personalized content for campaigns and journeys.
  • Analytics – Gaining insight into the audience and measuring effectiveness of campaigns and journeys using Pinpoint analytics. Different trends such as user level engagement, purchase patterns, demographics etc. can be viewed. Customer approach to mobile and web applications. Identification and resolution of issues that could hamper delivery of messages.

How does AWS Pinpoint work?

Let’s understand from a user perspective how Amazon Pinpoint works. 

  1. It starts with registration process by creating a free AWS account and log into the console
  2. Design a campaign and setup communication channels
  3. Engage your customers creating customer segments and start sending campaigns and journeys

It can work like a loop. Customer data and usage data is taken and the audience is first classified into segments as per data and campaigns are created based on that information. 

Transactional messages which have to be sent to customers who made purchases, are also set up by the service and these are delivered to customers via various channels such as email, SMS, notifications in mobile applications or any other custom channel integrated within. 

Engagement data and execution metrics are captured and analysed ; various AWS tools can be used here. The insights received from analytics are used to enhance existing campaigns or create new ones as required. 

Use Cases

With AWS Pinpoint simple and efficient marketing communication services are provided. The following are some use cases where it can be useful.

  • Marketing messages – promotion of various products and services using basic and personalized messages which may include special offers, newsletters or any other content which is engaging
  • Transactional messages – send trigger-based customer communications from applications such as purchase confirmations, invoice generations, shipping notifications etc.
  • Bulk communication – sending millions of messages to community of users such as notifications or annulments on mega sales etc. 
  • Sanq.me is a Japanese online snack which delivers personalized healthy snacks. Optimized and targeted notifications could be sent to approximately 50,000 customers per month
  • Gametime – provides ticket reselling services catering last minute sale / purchase of tickets for events like sports , celebrity connects etc. using Amazon Pinpoint it can be launched twice the number of their existing campaigns with doubling users 
  • Coinbase – is world leading compliant crypto currency platform which extends to 100 countries over 30 million users. With Amazon Pinpoints notifications can be pushed to users to track price movement. Around 8 million notifications are sent per hour from Amazon Pinpoint services.


Using AWS Pinpoint for marketing communications is a much faster and efficient way to handle customer engagements. We don’t need to create our own communication platform to reach out to customers, instead AWS Pinpoint can do this for you. With personalized content and deep user analytics, it offers better insight into customers preferences and their relationship with your brand. It is good choice to consider when choosing marketing communication solutions 

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