Google Cloud Computing Services & Hosting Services

Cloud providers offer a vast variety of services to its customers ranging from infrastructure, computing, networking, hosting etc. Cloud Computing and hosting services free organizations from worries of procuring, managing and upgrading costly hardware infrastructure. As a result, an organization can focus on its core activities and also reduce the running costs of running its IT operations with better uptime and redundancy. 

As we have already discussed the different services provided by Google Cloud in brief in our last blog. Today we look more in detail about Google Cloud Computing services and hosting services in detail, understand its benefits and use cases etc.  

Google Cloud Computing Services

There are multitude of services provided to its customers by Google cloud. Google cloud has 8% of the market share worldwide and it is rapidly expanding its user base. Let’s have a look at the four important computing services offered by Google cloud in detail:

  • Google App Engine
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Cloud Functions

Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a PaaS solution which allows to deploy code in a simpler manner, and the platform automates everything else. It is fully scalable and if traffic of an application becomes higher it acquires more instances automatically. It offers fast development and deployment, simplified administration and no need to worry about underlying hardware, patching, backups etc. It is equivalent to Elastic Beanstalk in AWS

Google Compute Engine

Google Compute engine is Google’s Infrastructure-as-a-service virtual machine offering. it offers scalable and flexible virtual machine computing functionality over cloud. With options to utilize CPUs, GPUs, or cloud TPUs, Compute engine helps to solve large scale processing vows. It is equivalent to EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) in AWS

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Google Kubernetes Engine provides a managed ready to production environment to deploy, manage and scale containerized applications. It is an open-source orchestrator for container environment. It helps to define how many machines to use, how many containers to deploy, how to scale containers, where persistent disks will reside and deployment of a group of containers as a single unit. It is equivalent to EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) in AWS.

Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions is a server less compute service, also referred to as FaaS (Functions as a service). It is used for running code in response to events that occur in the cloud. It  executes code in many programming languages and responds to events e.g.- Cloud Functions can respond to a message to a Cloud Pub/Sub topic.
It is equivalent to Lambda in AWS.

Google Cloud Hosting Services

Google offers hosting services to its customers. Let’s have a look at them.

WordPress on compute engine

WordPress site can be hosted on Google cloud services for better performance, limitless scalability, strong security , more control and flexibility. 

LAMP Stack

LAMP stack on compute engine allows web developers to build , deploy, and manage web applications. It can be hosted on Google cloud 

Firebase Hosting

Firebase hosting lets you deploy a single page web application , a mobile application landing page or a progressive web application without too many complications. 

Cloud Run

Cloud Run is a managed compute platform to run containers that can be invoked via events or requests. It is serverless. It takes away all hassles of infrastructure management for a smooth developer experience. It automatically scales down and up depending on traffic. 

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