Top 10 Cloud Migration Tools That Will Help You Migrate to the Cloud

Moving to Cloud

In the digital era, organizations are struggling to maintain their legacy on-premises systems. Many enterprises that have been using legacy technology for several years are now looking at ways to migrate to the cloud and reduce their operational costs.

At this point, cloud migration is the best way forward for most businesses. There are many considerations and technical challenges associated with moving workloads to a public or private cloud. It’s not as simple as pushing a few buttons or flipping a switch.

An organization must evaluate both their current infrastructure and future needs before making any final decisions about transitioning to a new cloud provider. A successful cloud migration requires preparation, planning, testing, and implementation of tools that make this process seamless.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the top 10 tools cloud migration tools to migrate to the cloud with ease.

List of Top Cloud Migration tools

AppDynamics (Cisco)

As one of the popular cloud migration tools, AppDynamics includes a wide range of applications and services for monitoring and managing the cloud and hybrid IT environments.

With AppDynamics, you can collect and analyze your application data across all your hybrid environments – on-premises, private clouds, as well as public cloud environments. With this information, you can predict and prevent application outages, minimize the cost of operations, and improve the customer experience.

Key features include:

  • real-time monitoring of application and user experience,
  • advanced machine learning algorithms, and
  • IT operations analytics.

You can also use AppDynamics to migrate applications from the cloud to on-premises. AppDynamics can help you migrate applications to any public or private cloud environment. Highlights of AppDynamics include:

  • Migration – Automated migration of applications to any cloud environment
  • Visibility – Enables real-time monitoring and visibility into your hybrid IT environment
  • Automated Operations – Predictive and preventative operations for application performance management

AWS Server & Application Migration Services

Amazon’s server and application migration services help you migrate on-premises applications to AWS. This service provides a virtual appliance that you can run on premises to help migrate your application to AWS.

Once the service completes the migration, you can easily connect to the migrated application from AWS.

  • These migration services simplify the migration process by providing guidance and documentation to help you plan your migration.
  • This migration service lets you migrate applications such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Server.
  • There is no additional cost for this service. However, you must own or purchase the required software licenses.
  • AWS Server and Application Migration Service is best suited for applications hosted on Windows and Linux that require Internet-facing ports.

AvePoint Migration

AvePoint Migration is a powerful cloud migration tool that offers the ability to migrate data and applications to both AWS and Azure. The tool automates and simplifies the entire migration process, making it easy for even non-technical staff members to migrate data.

AvePoint Migration offers a simple wizard-driven user interface that allows you to migrate data from on-premises data sources such as SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, and more.

AvePoint Migration also provides an extensive data transformation engine that lets you map your on-premises data to the cloud-based data types and structures. You can also use this migration tool to migrate your data to any data center or hybrid cloud environment.

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate helps you assess the migration requirements for your organization. You can use this service to

  • quickly discover your on-premises resources,
  • identify potential issues, and
  • plan a migration to Azure.

The migration assessment gives you a list of recommendations to help refine your migration and select the right Azure service offerings.

You can also use this service to plan your migration to Azure and create an Azure migration project. Azure Migrate also provides you with a cost estimate for the migration.

This migration tool is available in three ways:

  • As a free service in the Azure portal
  • As an Azure PowerShell module
  • As an Azure Service Management REST API

Carbonite Migrate

Carbonite Migrate is a cloud migration tool that provides an easy and secure way to off-site and off-load your backups and data to the cloud.

This migration tool lets you migrate data from your on-prem-ises environment to the cloud. Carbonite Migrate provides three additional benefits to help you reduce your operational costs and improve your overall IT environment. These benefits are as follows:

  • Data security – Carbonite Migrate lets you off-load your data to the cloud and store your backups in an off-site location to reduce the risk of data loss.
  • Data management – You can access your data from anywhere in the world and also schedule backups.
  • Reduced costs – Carbonite Migrate provides enterprise-grade security and lets you pay only for what you use.


CloudM is a cloud migration tool that helps you migrate your data to the cloud from any data source. CloudM offers a single-click migration to the AWS cloud and uses an intelligent data mapping engine to help you migrate your data to the cloud in the most efficient manner.

  • This migration tool provides a drag-and-drop interface and visual mapping functionality to simplify the migration process.
  • CloudM also offers single-click maintenance mode that lets you suspend your application without interrupting your business operations.
  • CloudM provides a visual mapping interface and discovery functionality to help you migrate your data from various data sources.
  • You can use CloudM to migrate data from on-premises servers, SaaS applications, and data warehouses.
  • You can also use CloudM to migrate your data to any public or private cloud environment.


Cloudsfer is a cloud migration tool that helps you transfer data and files securely and seamlessly from any source to the cloud. You can use this migration tool to migrate your data to any public or private cloud environment.

  • This migration tool comes with built-in data encryption and transfer management features that let you schedule and manage the entire migration process.
  • Cloudsfer can migrate your data to any cloud environment and allows you to choose the most appropriate data transfer mechanism for your data.
  • This migration tool comes with a built-in file explorer that lets you choose the data you want to migrate to the cloud.
  • You can also use Cloudsfer to move data from cloud-based applications to on-premises environments.

Google Cloud migration tools

Google Cloud Migration Tools allow you to migrate data from on-premises systems to the cloud. These migration tools simplify the migration process and let you migrate to Google Cloud using a wizard-driven user interface.

While migrating to Google Cloud, you can select the data source and data destination. Google Cloud Migration Tools allow you to migrate data from various data sources including Google BigQuery, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Spanner, and Google Cloud Functions.

Once you select the data source and destination, you can initiate the migration and select the data you want to migrate.


Turbonomic is a cloud migration tool that provides real-time information about your cloud environment.

  • It provides information about your cloud resources, application performance, and costs.
  • Turbonomic also allows you to monitor your entire hybrid cloud environment, including on-premises and private cloud environments.
  • Turbonomic provides a real-time dashboard, data visualizations, and analytical insights that help you manage and optimize your cloud environment.
  • This migration tool also provides a migration wizard that helps you migrate workloads to the cloud.
  • You can also use Turbonomic to help you migrate data from RDBMS, SaaS applications, and data warehouses to the cloud.

UnifyCloud CloudAtlas

CloudAtlas is a cloud migration tool that provides a single platform to manage multiple clouds from a single console.

  • It offers a centralized control panel that lets you manage your cloud resources from a single location.
  • CloudAtlas also lets you migrate your resources from an on-premises environment to the cloud and vice versa.
  • This migration tool allows you to create a project and migrate your data to the cloud.
  • CloudAtlas provides a centralized dashboard that lets you manage your cloud resources such as CPU, storage, and network.
  • This migration tool offers an easy-to-use interface that even non-technical users can use.


Cloud migration entails a huge change in the way businesses operate. A change that can result in large amounts of downtime, complex migrations, and loss of crucial data. To ensure the best results for your business, it is important to choose the right cloud migration tools. Most migration tools are plug-and-play solutions that require very little effort from the user.

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