Top 10 Infrastructure as a Code or IaC Tools

When people understand what is programing and automation, the innovative IT world brings them new automation called Infrastructure as a Code. Are you new to cloud revolution and wondering what are these IaC and which is the best choice for you? 

Then you’re in the right place, in this article, you will get answers to your questions, okay without further ado let’s start the article by introducing IaC Tools to you. 

What is Infrastructure as a Code Tool? 

Infrastructure as a Code is shortly known as IaC, which is a software-defined or programmable infrastructure. It enables the developers to easily manage, and monitor resources to the IT infrastructure automatically without configuring them with manual methods. 

The concept of IaC is more like automation, where programming scripts are used to speed up the static and monotonous process with less manual intervention. However, in the case of Infrastructure as Code, it deals with dynamic and adaptive decisions. 

As the cloud infrastructure keeps on extending, it has become hard for the organization to manage its infrastructure. Employing many personnel results in a lack of coordination and work continuation, all these negative points can be overcome with the IaC tools. 

Here are the best IaC tools for you – 

Top 10 IaC Tools: 

1. Terraform 

Terraform is an open-source IaC tool, which is highly flexible and supports all the major cloud platforms. It can be used as reproducible infrastructure management. Terraform supports importing and managing the resources created outside the platform. 

2. Pulumi 

The major advantage of the Pulumi IaC tool it’s greater flexibility, it supports almost every type of DevOps programming language like Python, JavaScript, C#, etc… It helps an organization build modern cloud applications with less waste. 

3. AWS CloudFormation 

Of Course, when we talk about IT infrastructure we can’t miss the top players like Amazon. AWS CloudFormation offers various templates and Rollback Triggers to restore your infrastructure. The only defect is that it works only with the AWS cloud. On the other side, it also can be a great advantage for the organization using AWS Cloud. 

4. Google Cloud Deployment Manager 

Google CDM uses declarative languages to automate infrastructure management. You can easily preview the impact of all your changes and check the performance of your current deployment. Like the previous one, this Google CDM is closely integrated with Google Cloud Services.

5. Azure Resource Manager 

Another Top IaC tool in the market from the large player Microsoft, Azure Resource Manager offers various features and attractive templates. It offers Role-Based-Access Control (RBAC) where the hierarchy is inherited within the system. The Azure Resource Manager Templates are declarative. 

6. Ansible 

It is an Infrastructure as Code tool created by Red Hat, which is well known for its simplicity and full-fledged automation. It can be used immediately after the installation without any further configuration work. It is an open-source tool that eliminates repetitive tasks and speeds up the software development process. 

7. Puppet

Puppet is also one of the widely used, IaC tools in the market, and it’s best for the technologies that change vary quickly or are volatile. It offers real-time reporting, modeling, and managing. It has a huge library of reusable modules. 

8. Chef

If speed, consistency, and scalability are your aim then Chef is the best Infrastructure as a code tool for you. It maintains high availability and flexibility with multiple cloud environments. You can get hybrid and SaaS solutions if you use Chef Servers. 

9. Vagrant

Vagrant IaC tools are best for building an entire environment with consistency on Virtual machines. It is an open-source IT management tool that focuses on VM. Vagrant also easily integrates with other automation tools. 

10. Git

The last on the list, is the well-known open-source management tool, Git. You can see the history of changes in Git and comments made by the previous person in charge. It is secure and scalable to use. One of the best choices if you need faster release cycles


If you don’t prefer the platform-focused tools from the big 3 players (Amazon, Google, and Microsoft), then Ansible and Terraform are the recommended tools. However, you are free to choose any IaC tools as per your preference in/out of this list. 

If you have any further questions or doubts please leave them in the comment section below. 

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