What is BizDevOps (Business, Development and Operations)

Today, companies are not just focusing on developing software but also on how to implement that software in their operations. Furthermore, this has to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is where BizDevOps comes into play. 

What is BizDevOps?

Business, Development and Operations (or DevOps) are three things that work together in perfect synergy. BizDevOps practices bring all these together. Operations is the phase of an organization’s life cycle where the software is made ready for deployment – after it’s been developed and tested. 

In simple words, Ops is responsible for making sure that the software does what it’s supposed to do and can be used by end users or customers (read: customers don’t get locked out because some silly bug exists). The role of BizDevOps is to bring all these pieces together so developers can create new apps faster than ever before and innovations can happen more often than ever before too.

BizDevOps: A bridge between Business and DevOps

The main function or purpose of BizDevOps is to act as a bridge between the two teams – Business and DevOps. It ensures that these two teams work together as a single unit and that one does not work in isolation. 

  • BizDevOps ensures that each team has the resources required to complete its tasks. For example, if the business team needs more computing power, the DevOps team makes sure that this happens. 
  • BizDevOps is also responsible for aligning the goals and objectives of the business team and the DevOps team. This can be done by creating joint goals and KPIs. 
  • BizDevOps is necessary when you’re trying to build a software product quickly. As such, it’s crucial to have everyone in the organization on the same page. This ensures that everyone is working together as efficiently as possible.

BizDevOps Activities: An Overview

The main activities that BizDevOps performs are as follows:

  • Business strategy – BizDevOps is responsible for creating a business strategy that aligns with the overall strategy of the organization. 
  • Demand forecasting – BizDevOps helps forecast demand for new software that’s being developed. 
  • Partnerships and collaborations –  BizDevOps manages partnerships and collaborations with other organizations. This helps with software integrations and product expansions. 
  • Product management – The product management team within BizDevOps is responsible for creating a product roadmap that aligns with the overall goals of the organization. 
  • Sales management – BizDevOps is responsible for managing sales by providing sales forecasts and creating sales strategies.

Benefits of BizDevOps

There are many benefits associated with a company that practices BizDevOps. They include: 

Faster time to market – BizDevOps ensures that new features and software are deployed faster than ever before. This means that organizations can respond to customer demand and market needs more quickly. 

Better collaboration – BizDevOps ensures that everyone is working together towards one common goal. This means that there is less siloed work and more collaboration in the workplace.

Improved product quality – BizDevOps ensures that each team and each individual has the resources and tools to perform at their best. This means that product quality is higher than ever before.

Implementing BizDevOps

The best way to implement BizDevOps is to follow these steps: 

Define and create a business strategy. This includes defining your business goals and prioritizing them. Create a demand forecast. This will help to predict future customer demand and needs. 

Create partnerships and collaborations. This includes teaming up with other companies and organizations. Create a product roadmap. This is a way of showing what new products and features are in the pipeline. 

Manage sales. This is all about predicting how many units of a product or service will be sold.

Bottom line

BizDevOps ensures that all departments are working together as a single unit. All departments are collaborating and helping each other to achieve common goals. This is crucial if you want to reduce the time to market and start new projects quicker than ever before. 

Moreover, BizDevOps creates a culture of continuous improvement. It makes sure that there are no visible or hidden bottlenecks that are slowing down an organization.

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