Comparing IAM Services in AWS, Azure & Google Cloud

IAM services in AWS, Azure & Google cloud

IAM or Identity and Access management is one of the most critical parts of any IT infrastructure and cloud-based services be it AWS, AZURE or Google are no exceptions to it. All three cloud providers include an IAM architecture. The IAM system is a crucial component over cloud and governs how each individual ….

Azure Sentinel: Cloud-native SIEM Solution

Azure Sentinel: Cloud-native SIEM Solution

The vast landscape of on premises, co-hosted and cloud infrastructures makes it harder to monitor security across these wide-reaching environments. SIEM solutions help to aggregate data from many different types of systems and present a clear view of actionable security items for the security teams to protect…

What is Azure HDInsight?

Azure HDInsight

Big data management is too complex and too large for organizations to handle for analysis in traditional relational database management systems. Though they can handle large volumes of data, it is not just about size but more about the complexity of data so when we talk about data we talk about three Vs – Volume,…

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