AWS Redshift vs Traditional Data Warehousing: Which is the Best Option?

AWS Redshift vs Traditional Data Warehousing

We have seen the evolution of data warehousing over the years. The introduction of cloud computing has brought about significant changes in the data warehousing landscape. One of the popular cloud-based data warehousing solutions is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Redshift. In this article, we will compare…

What is a Cloud Firewall? What is FireWall as a Service (FWaaS)?


Firewalls are boundary protectors, the first line of defence for enterprise networks. Firewall technology emerged in the late 1980s when the Internet was fairly a new technology in terms of its global usage and connectivity. In the year 1988 the first generation of firewalls emerged which were packet filtering firewalls,

Compute Compared: AWS vs Azure vs Google Compute

AWS vs Azure vs Google Compute

Cloud computing has come a long way and it brought a major shift in how traditional data centres were hosted and managed. Cloud computing market is full of numerous cloud providers – AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba and so on. Cloud computing has revolutionized the way organizations work…

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