An Introduction to Tencent Cloud

In the cloud computing space, there are many leading cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS etc, however in this space there are other lesser-known providers as well who are based out of Asia and more localized one such cloud provider is Tencent cloud which is China’s largest Internet service provider. 

In this article we will learn more about Tencent cloud, its popularity , its features and benefits etc. 

What is Tencent Cloud

Tencent cloud is subsidiary of Tencent and since Tencent is having 20 years of experience in cutting edge Internet technologies Tencent cloud is focused on cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and its is also the largest video game vendor.

Tencent Cloud provides IaaS , PaaS and SaaS and it is a single provider offering enterprises to adopt public, hybrid and private cloud. It offers capabilities such as Artificial intelligence, big data analytics , security, and location-based services (LBS) and offers customized solutions for online gaming, finance, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, transportation, and other industries looking for cloud computing services as a tool or medium to connect their businesses in a smarter way.

As per Gartner Tencent cloud growth was at 111% rate in year 2019 which placed it as world’s fifth largest provider in IaaS as a service and fourth largest in Asia/Pacific region. As per IDC China public cloud service report of Q3-2019 Tencent cloud is the second largest service provider in China. 

Tencent Cloud Global Infrastructure

It operates internationally in 58 availability zones spread across 27 regions globally. It has 1,100+cache nodes across Mainland China deployed with several ISPs and 1000+ cache nodes outside Mainland China in 30 countries and regions. Content distribution happens to acceleration nodes across the network and Tencent cloud global scheduling system routes user requests in an accurate manner to the nearest optimal node, and reduces access latency in an effective manner. 

Major Consumer – Gaming Industry 

It is a major consumer for the gaming industry with a vast collection network in the world. Huya and Douyu are China’s top game live streaming companies and supported by Tencent cloud. Short video applications like Kuaishou are supported by Tencent cloud outside China . There are several other companies who are using Tencent cloud services such as Supercell, Garnea, Nexon, Shiro games, PUBG Mobile etc. 

It has unique features for smoother communication between team players and features such as 3D voice positioning, voice messaging, multiplayer voice chat, speech to text recognition etc. it offers its cloud infrastructure services in 25 countries with 1 million services globally. 

Features of Tencent Cloud

  • Region and availability zones across the globe – Tencent cloud offers nodes in South China, East China, North China and Southwest China in Mainland China. Overseas coverage includes Southeast Asia , Asia Pacific, North America, Western US and Europe.
  • Flexible configurations – it offers flexible cloud service management platform with capabilities of instant upgrading and downgrading of hardware, storage expansion , bandwidth upgrade/ downgrade , switching between operating systems windows and Linux anytime (Limited to Mainland China as of now), Public and custom images , cross region adjustment and image duplication support , Virtual Private cloud networks provide independent network space, custom IP address ranges, IP Addresses and routing policies, port level access control to have support for complete logical isolation of networks.
  • Reliable – it guarantees 99.95% service availability with data reliability range from 99.99% to 99.999999% with features such as imperceptible migration, data snapshots, and automatic alerts to ensure servers security , multiple copies of user data to eliminate single point of failure, sophisticated network virtualization technology and ENI binding for highly reliable network delivery.
  • Speed – it supports rapid and convenient deployment of thousands of server instances in minutes and purchasing , configuring ,managing, or expansion of services with single click, BGP public network with more than 20 lines almost cover all ISPs, offering top speed private data centres in same region which are interconnected to ensure high quality in communication in private networks.
  • Security – DDoS protection, DNS hijacking detection, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, web trojan detection , login protection and many other security features are offered.
  • Ease of use – it has a web-based interface , the console to perform operations such as system reboot, configuration changes, OS reinstallations, on any virtual machines like physical machines.

You can create an account in Tencent with your email address (offers 365 days of free trial with 40 products) apart from this there are other options also to register such as using WeChat scan code or official account , QQ registration etc


Quick Facts!

As per Canalys for Q2 2021, assuming that Tencent Cloud maintains the current 92% growth momentum (the China cloud infrastructure services market), it could potentially achieve cloud infrastructure services sales of around $2.46 billion for Q2 2022.

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