Top 10 Future Trends in Cloud Computing

We all know Cloud computing is the future of Internet technology, but do you know what are the sectors that are going to see major development in the future? If you are wondering about that then you are in the right place. 

You should know about the future trends of cloud computing to choose the right cloud professional career. So in this article, the top 10 trends in cloud computing which are going to be the future are discussed. Without further ado let’s get started.

Below is the list of top future trends in Cloud Computing:

1. Multi-cloud Solutions 

This is also known as hybrid cloud computing, which allows the users to use both private and third-party cloud services. It is highly anticipated for its flexibility and reduced costs.  Many tech giants are investing in these Multi-cloud solutions and its market size is expected to be above $97 billion by 2023. 

2. Edge Computing 

As per the recent prediction by Forrester it is expected that new vendors will enter a market that facilitates the deployment of edge computing which reduces the distance between the centralized server and users, promoting low-latency applications, AI, and 5G Facilities. 

3. Going Server less 

This has always been in talk for two years and some of them have already started their journey. It is one of the top 5 Product as a Service cloud services. This next evolution of monolithic application architecture in the line of service-oriented and micro-service architecture. 

Some of the advantages of going serverless are as follows – 

  • Ease of operational management 
  • Offline experience and lower costs
  • No need for system administration and reduced liability 

4. IoT Platforms 

The Internet of Things is one of the rising trends in the world now. It is expected the devices connected under IOT will cross 32 million by 2022. IoT platforms work as an intermediary between gathering data and smart device management. This smart nature makes the IoT one of the biggest trends of the next decades. 

5. Backup and Disaster Recovery 

The data outages, system failures, cyber-attacks, and threats are increasing year by year, and now it is one of the parts of running a business. It is expected that nearly 15% of the cloud budget is going to be used for security and backup. Which is the highest budget allocation, thus the backup and disaster recovery top our list as the leading trends for the future. 

6. Artificial Intelligence 

One of the well-known cloud computing trends is Artificial intelligence. Whether it’s in the past, present, or future, Artificial intelligence is one of the leading trends in cloud computing. Many large tech giants are investing in AI to increase their efficiency. A recent IBM study reveals that 65% of the organizations believe that Artificial intelligence is the best strategy for success in the future. 

7. DevSecOps 

Business today faces various threats, and this is where it is expected that DevSecOps methodologies will become future trends. It is nothing but the integration of DevOps and SecOps. It is expected that 45% of the IT stakeholders will adopt DevSecOps. And It’s the best way to ensure the all-around safety of future cloud services. 

8. Open-source 

All the technologies have seen great progress when they became open source, and the current IT industry is shifting towards more innovation and collaboration, thus there is no doubt they will start exploring open source cloud services. With an open-source cloud platform businesses can yield faster and small entrepreneurs can develop faster without worrying about the cost. 

9. Service Mesh

It is expected that cloud technologies will move from B2B to B2C to form a new mesh called service mesh, where the service is dedicated to a service (S2S). A service mesh will help faster growth of the cloud environment and innovations. 

10. Cloud Migration

And of course, the growth of cloud technologies will attract more users, thus the cloud migration trend will also become a major trend in the future, which is also a major trend at current. 

Hope you got the basic idea of which is the best trend to start your career as a cloud professional. If you have any further doubts please leave them in the comment section below. 

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