Google BigQuery: Benefits Data Warehouse Practitioners

google bigquery

Business analytics and intelligent data analysis to derive better business outcomes is the call of the time. Organizations are enhancing data driven decision making and fostering an open culture where the data is not available in silos. Data analytics is important for a business to understand their customers’

Google Cloud Dataflow vs Dataproc: Detailed Comparison

Google Cloud Dataflow vs Dataproc

Data can take various forms and there are different ways of its extraction and interpretation. Google Cloud platform has major products in the field of data processing and data warehousing. Google Cloud Dataflow and Dataproc are new age data processing tools in the cloud. Today we look more in detail about…

Google Cloud Storage Options: Object, Block & File Storage

Google Cloud Storage Options

Apart from computing and network services, storage is also one of the fundamental and important resources in on premises or cloud deployments. You rely on storage components to persist your data. However, the storage and its associated terms could be quite confusing when we talk about cloud based storage with

Google Cloud Storage Classes

Google Cloud Storage Classes

Modern enterprises today demand safe data management along with easily accessible environments. The days of exchanging drives and heavy email attachments are gone. Today’s organizations landscape demands real time, on demand, safe access to company data, ability to collaborate without bothering about where data

Understanding Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)


Cloud containers provide high availability, scalability, and flexible architecture for ‘microservices’ where multiple components of an application such as user sign in, inventory management, billing , shipping etc. are broken down into smaller modules. Today we look more in detail about Google Kubernetes..

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