Alibaba Cloud Services

Cloud service providers offer several services such as Software as a service, Platform as a service, Infrastructure as a service , network services, business applications, mobile applications and other infrastructure in the cloud. In this article we will learn more about Alibaba cloud services which holds 6% of world-wide market share in the year 2021 which is the fourth largest cloud service provider with an annual revenue of $2.6 billion and growth rate of 37% per year.

What is Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba is also known as Aliyun founded in 2009 and was meant to manage data and offer highly scalable computing services. It is the largest cloud provider company in China and in Asia Pacific. Alibaba operates data centres in 24 regions with 74 availability zones across the globe. 

Alibaba offers Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), Database as a service (DBaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) having services such as e-commerce, big data, database, IoT, object storage (OOS), Kubernetes , data customization etc.

Alibaba Cloud Services

Alibaba offers a range of services related to database, networking, security, analytics, big data, domains , website management, application services, media services, middleware etc. Its Elastic cloud compute (ECS) having world class infrastructure ( CPUs and memory) and having built in DDoS protection runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Basic ECS has features to auto scale and server load balancer which are charged only on runtime usage such as instance creation, actual public and private load balancer duration of rentals and network traffic. 

High Performance Elastic Compute Services Include: 

  • Elastic GPU services (EGS) – This is core IaaS offering for scalable computing capacity. Developers use ECS to deploy virtual servers known as instances within their Alibaba cloud environments. ECS provides computing requirements such as CPU, memory and network bandwidth required to run and manage applications . it is in high demand computing due to its powerful graphics and rendering of videos , deep learning capabilities etc
  • Elastic high-performance computing (E-HPC) – supports across all layers : HP CPU for IaaS , High performance software stack for PaaS, and application template and SaaS customization
  • ECS bare metal (EBM) – Alibaba cloud computing has a combination of features of virtual and physical machines . ECS bare metal instances combine elasticity of a virtual server with physical server performance and features. This service supports nested virtualization and it is ideal for applications requiring non-virtualized environments with strong resource isolation. 
  • Supercomputing cluster (SCC) – based on EBM instances and high-speed random memory access for interconnectivity , these servers provide superior network performance and improve acceleration ratio on large scale clusters.
  • Container service for Kubernetes (ACK) – is a container management service which provides a runtime environment for Kubernetes based container applications. Developers can create and deploy Kubernetes clusters in ACK which is integrated with Alibaba cloud services for virtualization, storage and security. It offers a container registry for containerized image hosting services, elastic container instances and server less container instances. 

Alibaba Cloud Services: Storage Infrastructure

Gives 99.9% availability guarantee with three copies of objects. The actual usage of storage space, network traffic and number of processed requests determine the payment. There is no data storage limit and data is maintained securely with multilevel security controls such as DDoS protection, monitoring of unauthorized logical access, SSL protection for data in motion, Encryption for data at Rest, OSS supports easy web integration via leading RESTful APIs. Alibaba offers many services under its storage portfolio as under: – 

  • Table store – fully managed NoSQL database services
  • Content delivery networks – large volumes of traffic handling, with 1200+ nodes globally for faster website response time and smooth video streaming services
  • Network attach storage (NAS) – for ECS instances , E-HPC and container services

Alibaba Cloud Services: Management 

Management tools are core component of any cloud services Alibaba has many options to offer here as under: 

  • Alibaba CloudMonitor – provides advanced, customizable analytics on critical metrics related to CPU utilization , memory utilization , and latency. Suspected threats are also notified via email services
  • Alibaba Cloud Resource Access management (RAM) – Identity and access control services for centralized management of users and their access to resources over cloud is managed via this 
  • Key Management services (KMS) – users can use these services for creation, controlling and managing encryption keys 

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