Top 10 Cloud APIs in 2024

Importance of Cloud APIs

The Cloud API market is catching up fast and expected to grow exponentially by the end of year 2026. Cloud APIs are enabling development of applications and services used to provision cloud hardware, software, applications, and platforms and allowing administrators to integrate applications and other workloads into the cloud. Most cloud APIs are written and available on in NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Java (Android), C# (.NET), cURL, Go, Elixir and JavaScript. 

In this article we will look at some Cloud APIs which made their place in the top 10 and shaped the cloud computing landscape in the year 2022.  Understand their strengths and features.

List of Top 10 Cloud APIs 

Below are the top 10 cloud APIs which are most popular:

1. Amazon CloudWatch API

Amazon CloudWatch API was developed by Amazon, CloudWatch API is a cloud-based monitoring tool which can help to monitor and control resources on Amazon web services (AWS). Monitoring log files, statistics tracking and adoption to resource changes automatically are some of the functionalities of this cloud API.

Some of its lists of endpoints are:

  • enableAlarmActions – enable specific action for specific alarm,
  • DescribeAlarmHistory – history data of specified alarm,
  • DisableAlarmFunctions – disables actions for specific alarm,
  • DeleteAlarms – delete specific alarms set in arguments,
  • PutMetricAlarm – returns a new alarm or existing one is updated and its association with metric. 

2. Box API

Box API allows developers to build applications which can run on cloud. Integration of this API enables applications to upload files, manage files in cloud and make them shareable (By providing shareable links to cloud for specific data).

List of endpoints for box are:

  • AddItemsToCollection – Add items such as photo to collection,
  • CopyFile – copy a file,
  • CreateCollaboration – new configuration creation and assignment of access permissions to users or a group, CreateComment – creation of a new comment,
  • CopyFolder – new folder inside another folder 

3. HubSpot API

HubSpot API provides a method to connect to a HubSpot account. The API was built to allow the creation of functional applications or quick integration in an easier manner.

HubSpot API endpoints are:

  • CreateTask – returns a newly create task,
  • DeleteCalendarTask – deletes a specific task from system,
  • GetAllCalendarEvents – lists list of events from calendar,
  • GetCalendarTaskByID – specific calendar with specific ID is returned,
  • GetSocialEvents – list of specific events is returned from calendar,
  • GetContentEvents – Get events from Calendar 

4. Google Cloud Storage API

Cloud storage API allows developers to build applications which allow them to store data and retrieve at any point in time. Information is stored in the cloud and API will define required methods to store this data and how it will be recovered.

Google cloud storage API points are:

  • ComposeObjects – query combine different existing objects and return a new object,
  • CopyObject – let you create a copy of object at different location,
  • CreateBucket – creates and returns new bucket,
  • CreateObject – newly created object with its metadata is returned. 

5. Google Cloud Vision API

It is an image analytics tool which detects faces, logo, and text in an image. It allows developers to integrate vision detection features in their applications in an easier manner.

Google cloud vision API endpoints are:

  • Detect faces – detects look from an image with its facial expression,
  • DetectExplicitContent – explicit or adult information from an image,
  • DetectLandmarks – detects landmarks e.g., lanes, roads etc.,
  • DetectLogs – return favourite logos from an image,
  • DetectText – analyses and detect text in an image,
  • DelectImageProperties – determine/detect basic properties of image e.g. colour, texture, size etc.,
  • BatchTypeDetections – detection of multiple attributes from an image.

6. Google Translate API

It is a cloud-based tool for translation into another language. It can be integrated to allow applications to convert words from one language to another in an application.

Google translate API endpoints are:

  • DetectLanguage – detect string of detected language,
  • Translate – translate a given string of statement (composition of words) into target language,
  • TranslateAutomatic – given a string in specific language translation is performed automatically 

7. EmailLabs API

EmailLabs API enable developers to compose and send SMTP mail via their application.

EmailLabs API endpoints are:

  • AddEmailTemplate – add message template,
  • AddSingleAddressIntoBlacklist – allows one to add a single specified mail address into blacklist to exclude from further transmission,
  • DeleteSingleAddressFromBlacklist – remove one address from blacklist  

8. Lexalytics API

Lexalytics API is a Cloud based Analytics tool to provide text and data mining features to understand customer behaviour patterns, determine trends to perform predictive analysis.

Its endpoints are:

  • cancelDiscoveryAnalyses – removes a document that has not been processed,
  • cloneConfgiurations – make exact copy of configuration at another location,
  • createCollectionOfDocuments – list of materials to be analysed in a single output. 

9. CloudSight API

It is an image recognition API which provides information and insights about digital media.

CloudSight API endpoints are:

  • Image request – enable one to upload image which needs to be analysed and parameters can be attached as well,
  • Image Response – returns results of image which is being processed 

10.Microsoft Speaker Recognition API  

It is a cloud-based tool for speaker recognition and verification.

Microsoft Speaker Recognition API endpoints are:

  • CreateVerificationProfile – new speaker verification profile for specific location,
  • CreateIdentificationProfile – new identification profile is returned,
  • DeleteIdentitifcationProfile – delete and identification profile,
  • DeleteVerificationProfileEnrollments – permanently removal all enrolments related to a verification profile. 

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