Introduction to VMware Tanzu and Tanzu Editions

Cloud has taken the world by storm, with the fast pace changes in business requirements, reduction in time to market, competitive advantage, scalability and security are some key drivers which are demanding super-fast deployment of applications which can be scaled over a finger tip as business demands. Modernization of applications is in demand and there are products available in the market which provide capabilities to deliver better software to production.

Today we look more in detail about VMware Tanzu and Tanzu Editions stack of services, its advantages and disadvantages and use cases etc.  

What is VMware Tanzu?

VMware announced in its VMworld 2019 conference, its new application portfolio Tanzu, a transformational product which will change the way organizations will build, run and manage software on Kubernetes. Its plan for Tanzu, the pivotal acquisition, played a key role. VMware also picked up Bitnami in May which is meant to build and package open-source ISP software for Kubernetes environment across cloud in a uniform and consistent manner. 

VMware Tanzu allows containerization of workloads to run on cloud platforms. It is a solution to manage Kubernetes container-based applications, with Tanzu we can build, run and manage applications with increased security. Existing software can be refactored to be delivered consistently and in a resilient manner. There has been a shift from traditional monolithic applications to modern applications. 

Tanzu offers two distinct categories of products : 

  • Application modernization 
  • Infrastructure modernization

Application stack offers teams to build modern applications and for operations team tools necessary to run modern applications and also manage the underlying infrastructure without much expertise or going in depth. 

We can run workloads having containers running inside vSphere Pods and create Tanzu Kubernetes clusters. 

Features of VMware Tanzu 

  • Provides automated developer experience.
  • Provides centralized Kubernetes lifecycle management.
  • Provides unified access management.

VMware Tanzu Editions 

VMware Tanzu has three editions to support modernization and simplification of Kubernetes for applications. We will look more in detail about three editions namely – 

  • Tanzu Basic, 
  • Tanzu Standard and 
  • Tanzu Advanced. 

Tanzu Basic Edition

It makes operation of Kubernetes on premises simple by having cloud native construct as part of vSphere 7. It is open source aligned Kubernetes distribution , meant for enterprise and delivered as part of existing infrastructure which support modernization of applications. 

Tanzu Standard Edition

Simplification of operation of Kubernetes on multi cloud deployments, centralized management and governance for multi- cluster and teams across on premises deployments, public clouds and edge.

VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition

Provides simplification and secure container lifecycle to speed up delivery of modern applications at a scale. Its modular, full stack capabilities, embrace DevSecOps and provide a platform for modern applications which works as per your organization needs. It lets you built automatic stream of compliant containers. 

Comparison Table: Tanzu Basic, Tanzu Standard and Tanzu Advanced Features 

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