How to Enable Multi Factor Authentication in Microsoft Office 365?

Multi factor authentication is one step ahead of password or credential based access. It provides security of user logins for cloud services beyond passwords. Multi Factor authentication for applications allows secure access to applications and its features. Users are required to acknowledge mails, text , or application notification on their devices post authentication. Only after the second authentication factor is satisfied the user will be let in to use the application. The multifactor authentication available in office 365 to offer built-in security features for all customers and also optional controls which enable subscribers to customize security features. 

Today we look more in detail about multi-factor authentication in Microsoft office 365, how it works and its features.

Multi Factor Authentication in Office 365

Unlike traditional methods of user authentication which uses a username and password, Multi-factor authentication enables additional security features to secure access to an application. MFA is a combination of something you have, something you know, and something you are. This typically protects from brute force attacks where credential compromise even if the hacker can’t get into the system. 

Office 365 supports by default enablement of MFA with personal phone, office phone and authenticator app. 

Authentication via Personal Phone 

This is achieved when the user receives a phone call or message. On choosing call option an autonomous agent will ask to press pound sign (#) for identity confirmation. If you decide to go by text message, a text message having 6-digit code is sent as a one time password (OTP) which you need to enter on the login page. 

Authentication via Office Phone 

With this option you will receive a phone call to the office phone extension. 

Authentication via Microsoft Authenticator App

If multifactor authentication is enabled, and the first time you login or sign in to a device or application and enter your username and password then you are prompted to end the second factor to verify identity.

To enable Multi Factor authentication in office 365 you must be global admin. 

Multifactor enables security of emails and office 365 access. The Microsoft authenticator application installation is required on mobile devices. 

Step 1: The Microsoft Authenticator App

Step 2: Open a web browser and go to

Step 3: Enter Password. ” More Information Required” message will come.

Step 4: Click Next

Step 5: On the “Additional security verification” page, set the following options:

  • How should we contact you = Mobile App
  • How do you want to use the mobile app? = Receive notifications for verification
  • Verify that you have selected the appropriate options before continuing and click the “Set up” button

Step 6: When the QR Code go to Microsoft Authenticator app on mobile device

Step 7: Open Microsoft authentication app on your Mobile device 

Step 8: Click Plus icon to add new account 

Step 9: Choose work or school account when asked to allow Microsoft Authenticator app to use your camera, select allow

Step 10: setup with a QR code or type in a verification code, select Scan QR Code

Step 11: Focus QR reader on QR code on web page 

Step 12: The Microsoft authenticator all should set up account 

Step 13: Microsoft page will verify the setup and post connection verification, you will get a pop-up on Microsoft Authenticator app to confirm correct setup. Click on the Allow option and click next button on the web page. 

After login to office 365 portal you will be prompted with an Approve sign in request page, and you should get a pop-up on your Microsoft Authenticator app to approve the sign in.

A similar window shall be prompted when you log into Outlook and Skype for Business from your desktop system.  You will get a pop-up on the Microsoft Authenticator app to approve the sign in again.

More information is promoted on a page labelled “don’t lose access to your account!”. Setup  password recovery options which you can enable for office 365 from this page.

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