Comparing IAM Services in AWS, Azure & Google Cloud

IAM services in AWS, Azure & Google cloud

IAM or Identity and Access management is one of the most critical parts of any IT infrastructure and cloud-based services be it AWS, AZURE or Google are no exceptions to it. All three cloud providers include an IAM architecture. The IAM system is a crucial component over cloud and governs how each individual ….

Security Guardrails in AWS Cloud


In the Telecom community, we define the term Guardrails as different rules of governance for operations, security and compliance that every user can specify and use either across their AWS environment or to a particular group of accounts. As a general rule, the security guardrails are protecting the users…

What is AWS Pinpoint (Amazon Pinpoint)


Nowadays it has become crucial for organizations to understand their customer preferences and choices. Deeper engagements are required with customers via multiple channels such as email, SMS, notifications, voice messages to connect customers at a deeper level and choice of their channels.

AWS EBS: Amazon Elastic Block Store 

aws ebs

While working with AWS Cloud environment there may be a possibility that an EC2 Instance may loose its Root Volume (main Volume) when it is terminated manually. In AWS, unexpected terminations might also happen time to time and data loss may occur. To avoid such issues…

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