Cloud Container Services: AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Cloud Container Services AWS vs Azure vs GCP

With the emergence of cloud computing many new terminologies and concepts evolved parallelly. The first basic question which comes to mind in cloud computing is about compute and storage of resources. How is that achieved? Can we deploy infrastructure the way we deploy a portable application…

Cloud Storage Services: AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Cloud Storage Services - AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Cloud computing provides a hassle free way of using computing resources such as computing power, memory, storage etc. Before cloud computing era management of on prem data centers with hosts of numerous physical boxes and big storage devices was huge overhead in terms of initial investments and…

AWS Redshift vs Traditional Data Warehousing: Which is the Best Option?

AWS Redshift vs Traditional Data Warehousing

We have seen the evolution of data warehousing over the years. The introduction of cloud computing has brought about significant changes in the data warehousing landscape. One of the popular cloud-based data warehousing solutions is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Redshift. In this article, we will compare…

Amazon FSx vs EFS

Amazon FSx vs EFS

Storage in cloud computing is very versatile and cloud providers offer a variety of storage types to fulfil different business requirements as per organizations requirements. Blob storage, block storage, file storage, network file storage are some of the types of storage options offered by the majority of cloud…

What are the 6 R’s in AWS Migration?

6 R's in AWS Migration

Application migration strategies are driven by business requirements for cost optimization, agility, scalability, or could be to simply update old and outdated systems. There could be multiple migration scenarios where an application is getting migrated from on premise to cloud, migration from public cloud to private cloud …

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