Security Guardrails in AWS Cloud


In the Telecom community, we define the term Guardrails as different rules of governance for operations, security and compliance that every user can specify and use either across their AWS environment or to a particular group of accounts. As a general rule, the security guardrails are protecting the users…

Google Cloud Platform: GCP Services


Cloud computing is a buzzword. It is defined as a set of services which are offered through remote servers on the Internet. These services might include databases, storage, computing, and other IT resources which are available over pay-as-you-go approach-based pricing. There are several cloud….

Google Cloud Platform(GCP): An Overview

google cloud platform (GCP)

Cloud computing is the buzz world which has changed the way organizations are operating their IT and business services. It is offered via remote servers over the internet. These servers include storage, applications, compute power and so on which you pay-as-you-go model. It is evolving very fast…..

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