MCSE Interview Q&A Vol 1.0

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MCSE Interview Q&A Vol 1.0

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  1. Explain the concept of DHCP?
  2. What are the differences between a domain and a workgroup?
  3. Explain how NAT works?
  4. What is VPN?
  5. Explain how names are translated (resolved) into IP address?
  6. Define terminal services?
  7. What is Remote Procedure Call (RPC)?
  8. Explain the difference between TFTP and FTP application layer protocols?
  9. What is a RAS server?
  10. What is APIPA?
  11. What is LMHOSTS file?
  12. What is Kerberos?
  13. What is patch management?
  14. Explain Active Directory?
  15. What is Domain Controller?
  16. Which DNS record type maps a hostname such as to an IP address?
  17. What is the name of Active Directory container that contains a partial replica of every naming context in the directory? It contains the schema and configuration naming contexts as well?
  18. Shared directory that stores the server copy of the domain’s public files that must be shared for common access and replication throughout a domain is?
  19. Active directory component that describes all the attributes and objects that the directory service uses to store data is?
  20. Explain what is RID Master? Can you configure two RID masters in a domain?
  21. Describe what is EFS?
  22. How to release and renew IP address from Command prompt?
  23. What is Bit Locker?
  24. You need to uninstall the graphical user interface (GUI) on Windows Server 2012 R2. What should you do?
  25. You have a server named Windows Server 2012 R2. You need to create a script that will create and mount a virtual hard disk. Which command line tool should you use?
  26. You need to enable CA role separation on Windows server. Which tool should you use?
  27. What is the Name of the GUI tool that can be used to promote Windows Sever to a Domain Controller?
  28. Which command you should use to enable shadow copy on a drive?
  29. What is Adsiedit?
  30. What is RAID in Windows Server?
  31. What do Forests, Trees and Domains mean?
  32. Describe Non-authoritative Restore of Active Directory?
  33. What is Organizational Unit in Active Directory?
  34. What are GPOs (Group Policy Objects)?
  35. Explain in windows DNS server what is Primary, Secondary and Stub zone?
  36. Explain Active Directory integrated zone?
  37. What is Authorizing DHCP Servers in Active Directory?
  38. How to restore Active Directory using command line?
  39. What is Garbage Collection?
  40. What is RODC? Why do we configure RODC?
  41. What Are the Five FSMO Roles?
  42. You are going to build a new domain from scratch but need to use physical server to do so. What are the minimum services required for Active Directory to function properly that we would need to set up?
  43. What is basic and dynamic disk?
  44. What are nested virtual machines?
  45. Types of networks in Hyper-V?
  46. What type of clusters can you configure in Windows?
  47. What does a failover cluster do in Windows Server?
  48. What are ISAPI filters in IIS?
  49. Write PowerShell command that will return a list of running services on a local computer?
  50. Write PowerShell command that will check status of network adapters?



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