Aviatrix (Multi Cloud Networking)


Aviatrix (Multi Cloud Networking)

Interview Q&A Vol 1.0


Aviatrix (Multi Cloud Networking)

Interview  Q&A Vol 1.0

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  1. What are common challenges in the cloud which pushed the need for Aviatrix based solution?
  2. Is “Geographical Zone” a component of Cloud?
  3. Out of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, the On-Prem world is most similar to which type of service?
  4. What are different types of AWS Gateways?
  5. In which situation is the Internet Gateway automatically attached to the subnet?
  6. What type of gateway device is required for allowing private IP subnets to access Internet?
  7. Can DXGW be used to provide intercommunication between VPCs in different regions?
  8. Illustrate about Transit Gateway in AWS?
  9. What is the maximum throughput of IPsec VPN terminating on AWS Cloud?
  10. In the below given setup on AWS Cloud, VPC1 has peering with VPC2 and VPC2 has peering with VPC3. Can VPC 1 communicate with VPC3?
  11. Is there any limitation to maximum routes allowed in Transit GW for each routing table?
  12. What is Resource Group in Azure?
  13. What is VPC of AWS equivalent to in Azure and GCP?
  14. What is the key difference of Availability Zones in Azure compared to other public clouds?
  15. Are all the components in Azure availability zone aware?
  16. What are different types of Virtual Network Gateways in Azure Cloud?
  17. What are the deployment models for Intra-Region communication in Azure Cloud?
  18. What are the challenges with deploying Intra-Region transit via ExpressRoute Edge Routers?
  19. Which Azure cloud component groups items together for better organization control of a specific workload?
  20. What is top level organizational structure in azure called?
  21. Explain the resources in GCP?
  22. Does reserving an IP address considered a global operation in Azure networking?
  23. What is project in GCP?
  24. What is GCP Global VPC?
  25. What is GCP equivalent solution of “Direct Connect in AWS” and “Express Route in Azure”?
  26. Is Virtual Machine in GCP a Global Resource, Regional Resource or Zonal Resource?
  27. In which 2 modes can VPC subnets be created?
  28. What are the Route types in GCP?
  29. Explain the term w.r.t OCI – Tenancy
  30. What does term “Compartments” in OCI refer to?
  31. What is “VNET in Azure” equivalent to in OCI?
  32. What is meaning of DRG in OCI?
  33. What is meaning of SG in OCI?
  34. What is meaning of IG in OCI?
  35. What are key challenges with OCI VCN Peering?
  36. How many DRGs can be allowed in each region of OCI?
  37. Explain about evolution of Cloud.
  38. Explain MCNA?
  39. What are main pillars of MCNA?
  40. Which layer is Security and Visibility inserted in the MCNA Architecture?
  41. What are benefits of MCNA?
  42. What is most important part of MCNA?
  43. What is the core principal of MCNA?
  44. Explain the Aviatrix Software components?
  45. Enlist some of key features of Aviatrix?
  46. Explain BGP Route approval process via Aviatrix?
  47. What limitation of IPSEC communication is addressed by HPE?
  48. How does Aviatrix address the speed encryption challenge of performance up to 1.25 Gbps?
  49. Some applications on Cloud provider require access to Internet for downloading patches. Which security feature of Aviatrix is recommended in this scenario?
  50. Does Aviatrix Egress Filter Support Centralized or Distributed deployments models?
  51. What are the benefits of Aviatrix Firewall network solution compared to AWS and Azure?
  52. Which feature of Aviatrix Security is responsible for isolation and segmentation between VPCs?
  53. What are different types of security domains?
  54. Which Aviatrix solution is responsible for communication across Security Domains?
  55. What is private S3 and why is it required?
  56. Does Site2Cloud solution support overlapping IPs?
  57. What is the role of Flightpath in Aviatrix?
  58. What is a VPC Tracker?
  59. What is function of TGW Route audit?
  60. Can we run Common troubleshooting tasks like ping and traceroute from any Aviatrix gateway?
  61. Which Aviatrix solution is responsible for flow visualization?
  62. Is there possibility to view geolocation of data traffic in Aviatrix?
  63. What is function of FlowIQ in Aviatrix CoPilot?
  64. What is the default username and password of Aviatrix controller recently installed on AWS Cloud?
  65. Can the Aviatrix platform allow interconnectivity between VPCs/VNet/VCNs with overlapping IP address ranges?



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