DevOps Engineer


DevOps Engineer Interview Q&A Vol 1.0


DevOps Engineer Interview  Q&A Vol 1.0

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Check the complete list of questions:

  1. Are you familiar with concept of DevOps?
  2. How many stages are there in DevOps lifecycle?
  3. DevOps is all about continuous ….
  4. What is Continuous Integration (CI) in DevOps?
  5. Name some of the most popular DevOps tools.
  6. Mention some technical benefits of DevOps.
  7. Mention some business benefits of DevOps
  8. How DevOps and Agile approach or methodology differs from each other?
  9. Explain five levels of DevOps practises used by highly evolved organizations.
  10. Explain DevOps lifecycle.
  11. Explain DevOps workflow. What are the types of DevOps workflows?
  12. Git command to download any repository from GitHub on your system?
  13. List out three differences between Continuous delivery and Continuous Deployment in DevOps?
  14. Which is the most important DevOps KPI?
  15. Explain more in detail about ‘Failed Deployment rate’ KPI.
  16. Who pionerred DevOps and when ?
  17. Which is the most popular Continuous integration tool in DevOps?
  18. Describe version
  19. Which Git command let you list files that you have changed and those you still need to commit or add?
  20. How to revert a commit in git to fix a bad file which is already pushed and made public?
  21. How to revert a commit to undo all changes made in bad commit that has been already pushed and made public?
  22. What is Git?
  23. Explain difference between git pull and git fetch.
  24. What is Shift left to reduce failure in DevOps ?
  25. What testing types are supported by Selenium?
  26. Which scripting language is most useful for DevOps engineer?
  27. Name three most popular cloud platforms for DevOps implementation.
  28. What do you understand by term ‘Canary release’?
  29. Explain in detail Blue/Green deployment pattern
  30. List down key elements of continuous testing tools.
  31. List down difference between continuous testing and automated testing
  32. How is asset management different from configuration management?
  33. What is Puppet?
  34. What is Puppet manifest and what are its components?
  35. Explain architecture of Chef.
  36. How playbooks in Ansible are expressed using which format?
  37. What is active and passive check in Nagios?
  38. What is Nagios and explain its features?
  39. What are containers?
  40. What is the difference between container and virtualization?
  41. What is a docker container?
  42. Outline steps to create a Docker container.
  43. Explain core components of docker platform.
  44. What is Jenkins and where it is used?
  45. What are commonly used tools in DevOps for deploying Infrastructure as a code?
  46. What is continuous delivery pipeline in Jenkins?
  47. What are top 10 plugins in Jenkin ?
  48. Explain about Memcached and its important features.
  49. List down some uses of Memcached.
  50. Explain pair programming with reference to DevOps.



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