Desktop Support Engineer


Desktop Support Engineer Interview Q&A Vol 1.0


Desktop Support Engineer Interview  Q&A Vol 1.0

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  1. What is a domain?
  2. What is an Operating System?
  3. What are Types of Operating system?
  4. What is SID?
  5. What is IPCONFIG Command?
  6. How will you connect two computers without using switches?
  7. Share some information about SysWOW64 folder?
  8. What could the possible reasons be for Windows not being able to check for updates?
  9. Name some common sources of viruses and how can they be prevented?
  10. What is required for booting of Operating System?
  11. How to edit Boot.ini file?
  12. What do you understand by NTLDR error?
  13. What is Communication speed rate between Microprocessor and RAM called?
  14. What is Active Directory?
  15. Name the three Partitions of Active Directory.
  16. What do you mean by a Brouter?
  17. What does ‘SCSI’ stands for?
  18. Give the classes and ranges of IP addresses.
  19. What is FIXMBR?
  20. Why do you use RIS?
  21. What is TFT?
  22. What are the uses of Firewire Port?
  23. What does VPN stands for?
  24. Describe RAS.
  25. Why is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol used?
  26. What is PTR Record?
  27. What happens if you don’t have a default gateway?
  28. What is Blue Screen of Death?
  29. How can a Blue Screen of Death be resolved?
  30. How can you remove scraps and spywares that are not required from your Operating System?
  31. Name the types of Operation master roles.
  32. What are FAT and its categories?
  33. What is NTFS?
  34. Give the categories of NTFS.
  35. What is a Tree?
  36. Describe Forest.
  37. Enlist types of Firewalls.
  38. What are the elements required to establish a Basic Home Network?
  39. How will you fix a glitch in the audio of a computer?
  40. What is function of a device driver?
  41. How to create a backup of emails on Outlook?
  42. What is ‘A’ Record and ‘MX’ Record’?
  43. I want to improve the virtual memory of my PC. How can I do that?
  44. APIPA stands for?
  45. I haven’t received a message prompt on my PC. What can the possible reasons be?
  46. I want to skip to the desktop after rebooting without logging in. How can I do that?
  47. What does OU abbreviation stand for?
  48. What are the differences between VPN and proxy?
  49. What is the full form of IAS?
  50. What is the child domain? What are the benefits of a child domain?



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