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ASA Firewall Interview Q&A Vol 1.0

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ASA Firewall Interview Q&A Vol 1.0

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  1. What is a Firewall?
  2. What Is Default Route Configuration Command In ASA Firewall?
  3. What Is Default TCP Session Timeout?
  4. What Is A Transparent Firewall?
  5. What are security levels in Cisco ASA?
  6. In which 2 modes does ASA work? How are the 2 modes different?
  7. What Is Default Security Level For Inside Zone In Asa?
  8. How to allow packets from lower security level to higher security level?
  9. How to allow packets from between VLANs/Interfaces across same security level?
  10. What Command to Check NAT Table in Cisco Asa?
  11. Can We Block HTTPS Traffic On Firewall?
  12. Can We Mix Different Models In Clustering I.e. Can 5510 Be Clustered With 5520?
  13. Does ASA support Server Load Balancing?
  14. Can we use ASA For Web Filtering Like Proxy?
  15. Firewall Works at which layer?
  16. Difference between Stateful and stateless firewall?
  17. What information does stateful Firewall maintain?
  18. Does ASA inspect ICMP by default?
  19. What are timeout values in ASA firewall for TCP, UDP and ICMP sessions?
  20. Active FTP vs. Passive FTP?
  21. Does Cisco ASA support BGP?
  22. What is FWSM? Where is it used?
  23. Difference between PIX and ASA?
  24. Which command is used in ASA to view connections?
  25. What is functionality of NAT control in Cisco Firewalls?
  26. What are types of Contexts in ASA?
  27. Difference between checkpoint and ASA?
  28. What are hardware and software requirements for 2 ASA to be configured in high availability?
  29. Explain different NAT types – Dynamic NAT, Static NAT, Identity NAT, Static PAT, Dynamic PAT and Policy Based Nat?
  30. Which command will forcefully activate secondary firewall to become active firewall?
  31. What is spoofing and what is anti-spoofing?
  32. Which are ASA platform series in use nowadays?
  33. What is DMZ Zone? What is DMZ zone used for?
  34. What is DOS and DDOS?
  35. Explain Active/Active failover?
  36. Explain Active/Standby failover?
  37. What are different types of ACL in firewall?
  38. What is syn flooding?
  39. What is difference between ACL on ASA and Router?
  40. Can we create loopback on ASA?
  41. Which command is used to capture packets on ASA?
  42. How to configure a static and default route on ASA?
  43. Which features are not supported in transparent mode?
  44. Which commands are used to convert routed mode to transparent mode and vice versa?
  45. Which features are not supported in multiple context mode?
  46. What is order of preference of NAT types in Cisco ASA?
  47. What type of end systems/connections reside in DMZ Zone?
  48. What type of end systems/connections reside in EXTRANET Zone?
  49. Which command is used to verify the failover state?
  50. Which command is used to check the traffic on interfaces, the packet and byte counters?



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