Cisco SD WAN Viptela


Cisco SD WAN Viptela

Interview Q&A Vol 1.0


Cisco SD WAN Viptela

Interview  Q&A Vol 1.0

Questions 101

Check the complete list of questions:

  1. What are typical challenges in a WAN setup for any organization?
  2. What are the benefits that SDWAN Viptela solution provides?
  3. What is vManage NMS?
  4. What is vSmart Controller?
  5. What is vBond Orchestrator?
  6. What are vEdge Routers?
  7. Provide comparison details of vEdge Routers wrt their technical specifications?
  8. Explain SDWAN architecture?
  9. Explain entire Cisco SD-WAN system bring up process?
  10. Explain in simple steps on how to bring up vEdge?
  11. What is the process of establishing Tunnel between vSmart/vManage/vBond?
  12. How does vEdge router establish identity on controllers?
  13. What is TPM and what is its role?
  14. Illustrate the step by step secured connection establishment between SDWAN components?
  15. How is connection secured between vEdge router and vSmart controller and vManage?
  16. Does SD-WAN deployment play important role in cloud-based and SaaS applications?
  17. Which of the main drivers for SD-WAN deployment?
  18. What’s the difference between do-it-yourself (DIY) SD-WAN and managed SD-WAN deployment?
  19. Which security features are most common to SD-WAN products?
  20. Is Scalability an important feature when it comes to SD-WAN deployment?
  21. What are the basic SD-WAN features?
  22. Does SD-WAN deployment limit hardware throughout at branch sites?
  23. What are the prerequisites for SD-WAN deployment?
  24. What is the principle underlying technology behind SD-WAN technology emerge?
  25. What is the Cisco SD-WAN Solution?
  26. Which problems can a Cisco SD-WAN overcome which other SD-WAN Vendor can’t?
  27. Which sectors and industries have deployed the Cisco SD-WAN Solutions?
  28. How is CISCO SD-WAN Solution managed and operated?
  29. What are vSmart CONTROLLERS?
  30. What is function of vBond orchestrator?
  31. What is the cisco vManage?
  32. Does Cisco SD-WAN Solution Support Network Segmentation and what are its benefits?
  33. What are the SD-WAN Security capabilities?
  34. Can the Cisco SD-WAN Solution provide optimization for IaaS and SaaS platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Google,, Cisco Webex, etc?
  35. Does the Cisco SD-WAN Solution support Multi-Tenancy?
  36. Is Cisco’s SD-WAN solution programmable and does it support APIs?
  37. Is SD-WAN replacement of MPLS?
  38. Why should one opt for SDN?
  39. What is the latest software release version for the Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN image supported on the Cisco 1000 and 4000 Series ISRs, ASR 1000 Series, and 5000 Series ENCS platforms?
  40. Which all routing protocols are supported by Cisco SD-WAN Solution?
  41. What is Viptela SD-WAN?
  42. What are the components of Viptela SD-WAN?
  43. What is Domain ID?
  44. What are OMP Routes?
  45. What are types of routes wrt SD-WAN?
  46. What is Site ID?
  47. What is System IP Address?
  48. What is TLOC?
  49. Give a brief about Cisco SD-WAN Solution Architecture.
  50. What is a Color wrt vEdge Routers?
  51. Draw TLOC Routes and OMP?
  52. What is a Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) Process?
  53. What are the requirements for ZTP Provisioning?
  54. What are Controller Connections?
  55. What are Configuration templates?
  56. What is a Device Template?
  57. Mention Device Template Components.
  58. What are Configuring Parameters?
  59. How is Device Templates deployed?
  60. Explain Centralized and Localized Policies?
  61. How is Localized Policy configured?
  62. What is difference between SDN and SD-WAN?
  63. How would you Copy/Edit/View/Delete Centralized Policy?
  64. What are the Types of Policy Definition?
  65. What is the Order of Operations in SD-WAN?
  66. What parameters does system configuration contain?
  67. Which types of VPNs does overlay network have?
  68. What is the minimal basic Configuration of vSmart via CLI?
  69. What are the vEdge configuration elements?
  70. Write the commands to configure GPS location on vEdge via CLI?
  71. What are the commands to verify connections with controller?
  72. Share some sample vEdge configuration Via CLI?
  73. What is Device Template?
  74. How can one create Device Template?
  75. Why we need QoS in Viptela?
  76. How is a QoS policy configured?
  77. What are three building blocks of vSmart Policy?
  78. Explain centralized control policy: inbound vs outbound?
  79. What is vSmart Policies?
  80. What is OMP Path Selection Checklist
  81. What are vSmart Policy Components?
  82. Provide an example or syntax of Policy Configuration?
  83. What are Cisco SD-WAN SEN Software Services?
  84. What are the Advanced Features of Viptela Policy?
  85. How does VRRP respond to host?
  86. Provide the CLI Commands for configuring VRRP on vEdge?
  87. How is master vEdge router elected based on priority number?
  88. Kindly elaborate on following VRRP terms – Track Interface State, Virtual Router ID, Virtual IP Address
  89. What are the key verification commands for VRRP troubleshooting?
  90. What problems does SD WAN solve?
  91. Briefly share what is Cisco SD WAN solution?
  92. What is Service route?
  93. How to activate Centralized Policy on Cisco vSmart Controllers?
  94. What are components of Centralized Policy?
  95. What are the SD-WAN Licensing options under DNA software subscriptions?
  96. How many vSmart controllers does vEdge connect to for redundancy?
  97. What will happen if all the vSamrt controllers go down?
  98. In a scenario where vEdge has to paths, one via MPLS (TLOC A) and other via Internet, how the traffic flow will happen with below considerations – TLOC A has preference 100 and Weight 5 , TLOC B has preference 100 and weight 1
  99. In case of Dual homed Branch setup, what will be the traffic flow – Active/Active OR Active/backup?
  100. Which CLI command is used to verify that the candidate configuration contains no errors.
  101. Enumerate the differences between MPLS and SD-WAN?



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