Azure VPN Gateway: Hybrid Connectivity Options

azure VPN gateway

With the advent of the Public Cloud, organisations have shifted part of their application infrastructure into the Cloud hosted Data Centres for some compelling reason i.e., cost optimization, Flexibility to scale, High Availability etc, but some critical applications still remain on their on-prem data centres…

Azure NAT Gateway: An Overview


Whenever you want to access some public resource on the internet you need to have a routable public IP address to source the traffic from as private IP ranges aren’t routable over the internet. And since the public IPV4 address ranges are limited and have costs associated with them, it isn’t a good idea..

Google Cloud Dataflow vs Dataproc: Detailed Comparison

Google Cloud Dataflow vs Dataproc

Data can take various forms and there are different ways of its extraction and interpretation. Google Cloud platform has major products in the field of data processing and data warehousing. Google Cloud Dataflow and Dataproc are new age data processing tools in the cloud. Today we look more in detail about…

What is AWS Architecture and its components?

aws architecture

Cloud services or pay as you go models are on boom. The cloud infrastructure services market has many big players such as Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure , Google cloud (GCP), Alibaba, Oracle cloud and many more. Amazon web services is one of the popular cloud services providers with 32% of market

How to Create Azure Virtual Network (VNet)?

Create Azure Virtual Network

As a prerequisite to Create Azure Virtual Network (VNET), you need to create a resource group in a particular Azure region. You can think of an Azure resource group as a container that holds the resources for a particular solution implemented on Azure Cloud. In order to create a resource group, log in to Azure Portal

Azure Public IPs: Azure Virtual Network

Azure Public IPs

Internet is a web of interconnected networks. The communication over the internet happens using the Public IP addresses only. Private networks be it on-prem or on Azure VNETs make use of private IP addresses defined in RFC 1918 for communication and aren’t routable over the internet. In this post we will…

Azure Sentinel: Cloud-native SIEM Solution

Azure Sentinel: Cloud-native SIEM Solution

The vast landscape of on premises, co-hosted and cloud infrastructures makes it harder to monitor security across these wide-reaching environments. SIEM solutions help to aggregate data from many different types of systems and present a clear view of actionable security items for the security teams to protect…

What is Azure Private DNS?

azure private dns

In the previous post, we learned about the Azure Public DNS. Azure Public DNS helps to resolve the domain names to the Public IP addresses. In this post we will discuss different options (like Azure Private DNS) we have when we want to resolve the domain names for the resources & Azure services…

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