DNS Interview Questions & Answers Vol 1.0


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DNS Interview Questions & Answers Vol 1.0

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  1. What is the main purpose of a DNS server?
  2. What is the protocol and port no of DNS?
  3. What is a Forward Lookup?
  4. What is Reverse Lookup?
  5. What is a Resource Record?
  6. What is SOA record and why are SOA records required?
  7. What is a Zone? What are properties of a Zone?
  8. What is Caching Only Server?
  9. What is forwarder?
  10. Name some of Cloud Service providers providing DNS and GSLB services?
  11. What is scavenging?
  12. Where does a Host File Reside?
  13. Which are some of  Tools for troubleshooting DNS?
  14. What is WINS server? Where we use WINS server? Difference between DNS and WINS?
  15. How do I clear the DNS cache on the DNS server?
  16. What is NBNS?
  17. What are the diff. DNS Roles/Types?
  18. What is Name Server?
  19. What are SRV? Name the types of SRV.
  20. What are MX records and PTR records?
  21. What is meant by query? Name the different types of queries?
  22. What is DNS spoofing?
  23. What is DNS resolver?
  24. What are different types of record in DNS?
  25. Explain CNAME record?
  26. Explain Dynamic DNS?
  27. Define TTL wrt DNS?
  28. What is structure of DNS?
  29. How to check whether DNS is working or not?
  30. What is an Iterative query?
  31. What is Recursive query?
  32. What is stub Zone?
  33. What is Conditional Forwarding in DNS?
  34. What is the address used for?
  35. What is DNS delegation?
  36. By default, if the name is not found in the cache or local hosts file, what is the first step the client takes to resolve the FQDN name into an IP address?



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