NAT Interview Questions and Answers Vol 1.0

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NAT Interview Questions and  Answers Vol 1.0

Questions : 40

Check the complete list of questions:

  1. What is NAT ?
  2. What is PAT ?
  3. What is Static NAT ?
  4. What is Dynamic NAT ?
  5. While configuring NAT on Router, Which command would you place on interface connected to the Internet?
    1. ip nat inside
    2. ip nat outside
    3. ip outside global
    4. ip inside local
  6. Which command will show us all the translations active on your router?
  7. What is NAT Overload?
  8. What is Source NAT ?
  9. What is Destination NAT ?
  10. Which command would we place on interface on a private/inside/LAN network?
  11. When creating a pool of global addresses, which keyword can be used instead of the netmask command?
  12. What is ALG?
  13. Can I change the amount of time it takes for a NAT translation to time out from the NAT translation table ?
  14. Does NAT occur before or after routing ?
  15. Explain each keyword of following NAT command – “ip nat inside source list 10 interface FastEthernet 0/0 overload?
  16. What is the maximum number of configurable NAT IP pools ?
  17. Which command will show you the summary of the NAT configuration?
  18. What are two benefits of using NAT?
  19. What is NAT Order of Operation – “Inside-to-Outside” ?
  20. What is NAT Order of Operation – “Outside-to-Inside” ?
  21. Can we rate limit the number of NAT translations?
  22. Is there any relation between NAT concurrent sessions and DRAM on device ?
  23. What are NAT IP pools ?
  24. What are static NAT translations?
  25. What is NAT NVI?
  26. Explain the term –
    1. Inside Local
    2. Inside Global
    3. Outside Local
    4. Outside Global
  27. What is Stateful NAT (SNAT)?
  28. What is NAT-PT?
  29. What conditions necessitate NAT configuration ?
  30. What are different types of NAT?
  31. A Branch Office has 30 LAN users who want to access Internet for browsing . What type of NAT would be required here?
  32. In above question, LAN users belong to subnet while Public IP assigned to Internet Router is What will be the router NAT Configuration?
  33. An Office has an Internet connection and has 1 Web Server which needs to be accessed from Internet. What type of NAT would meet the requirement?
  34. In the above question what detail is required to configure NAT so that We Server is accessible from Internet?
  35. Web Server local IP is and uses TCP port 80. Provider has given Public IP What is the NA configuration on Internet Router?
  36. What is difference between NAT and PAT ?
  37. Two computers are behind (i.e. Inside LAN) a NAT router. The computers use the router public IP address for sharing internet connection.If a user on the internet pings the public IP address of the router, which device would respond ?
  38. Which NAT command would you place on the interface on a private (Inside LAN) network ?
  39. What is disadvantage of NAT ?
  40. Where is “ip nat inside” and “ip nat outside” used ?


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