HTML & CSS Interview Q&A Vol 1.0


HTML & CSS Interview  Q&A Vol 1.0

Questions 50

Check the complete list of questions:

  1. Why do we use html?
  2. What is the extension for any html page?
  3. What is the difference between html4 and html5?
  4. What are block level elements?
  5. Provide some examples for block level elements?
  6. What are inline elements?
  7. Provide some examples for inline level elements.
  8. What is comment in html?
  9. How can we include javascript in html page?
  10. How can we connect different or same documents in html?
  11. What is required attribute?
  12. Give structure to write html table?
  13. What is rowspan and colspan in table?
  14. What is tag and attribute in html?
  15. Explain html lists with examples
  16. Write html code to make a form with two text fields, one checkbox and a submit button?
  17. What is ‘audio’ element? How do we define the audio in html?
  18. What is ‘video element? How do we define the video in html?
  19. Which tag is used to define quotations in html?
  20. What is <pre> tag in html?
  21. Which is the purpose of <del> tag?
  22. Which html element is used to draw graphic on a webpage?
  23. Is there any tag in html, with which we can make a progress bar?
  24. What is marquee tag?
  25. Write html code to make a navigation?
  26. Why do we use css?
  27. What are css frameworks?
  28. Name any two css frameworks.
  29. What is concept of responsiveness in css?
  30. How can we make a website responsive without using any css library?
  31. How can we integrate css file in html document?
  32. Which css property is used to change the transparency?
  33. What is z-index?
  34. What is similarity between “display:none” and “visibility:hidden”?
  35. What is difference between “display:none” and “visibility:hidden”?
  36. Why we use “!important”
  37. What is css flexbox?
  38. Write some of the font attributes
  39. What is the difference between ‘class’ and ‘Id’?
  40. Which property is used to manage the scrolling of background image?
  41. Why we use @font-face?
  42. What is the difference in ‘capitalize, uppercase’ and ‘lowercase’ in text-transform property?
  43. How can we hide the bullets of <ul>?
  44. How universal selector is written in css?
  45. What does “margin: 0 auto” means?
  46. How can we put shadow to elements?
  47. What is purpose of using ‘postion:fixed’?
  48. What are the basic components of css box model?
  49. Provide some different ways to define a color?
  50. Which css property is used to move, rotate, scale elements?



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