What is Azure Public DNS? 5 Key Points

azure public dns

In this post we will look at the overview on how DNS works for the resources deployed as a part of the Azure Virtual Networks. VM and other resources deployed within a VNET need to communicate with other resources in Azure or some may be required to access over the internet i.e., web-servers.

Introduction to Azure Virtual Network (VNET)

Azure Virtual Network (VNET)

Azure virtual networks or also known as Azure VNETs are the basic building block of your private network on the Azure Cloud. These VNETs are logical constructs which in the underlay utilise the physical infrastructure in Microsoft DCs across different regions thus reaping the benefits i.e., scale, high availability. 

AWS EBS: Amazon Elastic Block Store 

aws ebs

While working with AWS Cloud environment there may be a possibility that an EC2 Instance may loose its Root Volume (main Volume) when it is terminated manually. In AWS, unexpected terminations might also happen time to time and data loss may occur. To avoid such issues…

AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) Overview


In case incoming traffic is automatically split across several targets, including EC2 instances, containers, and IP addresses in one or more Availability Zones, thanks to elastic load balancing. It monitors the condition of the registered targets, delivering traffic only to those who are healthy. Elastic load balancing…

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