Juniper SRX Firewall


Interview Q&A Vol 1.0

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Juniper SRX Firewall Interview Q&A Vol 1.0

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  1. What is latest Firmware version in Juniper SRX110H2, SRX550 and SRX650 Firewall?
  2. Which models of Juniper SRX as preferred for Branch locations and which for Data Center/Head Office?
  3. How many FPCs can be installed in
    • SRX1400
    • SRX3400
    • SRX3600
    • SRX5400
    • SRX5600
  4. Which all SRX platforms have dedicated HA ports for cluster?
  5. Which all SRX platforms support dual control ports?
  6. What is VR wrt SRX firewall?
  7. What is Cisco ASA equivalent of Context in Juniper SRX?
  8. What is Web interface for SRX called?
  9. What application is used in Junos Space to manage SRX policies?
  10. What is the key differentiator and core design change that SRX brought over the NetScreen devices?
  11. What is difference between Stateless and Stateful Firewall?
  12. What is Juniper solution of IPSEC VPN for users over internet to access corporate resources like email or application servers called?
  13. What does a Services Processing Card do?
  14. Which SRX platforms support the UTM feature set?
  15. What tool does Juniper make to handle log management?
  16. What is JFlow?
  17. What is control plane and data Plane (Forwarding Plane)?
  18. What is revenue ports?
  19. Can we reset root password if we forget one? How?
  20. What is a cluster and why is it required?
  21. Is cluster supported on all SRX platforms?
  22. How does clustering works?
  23. What is the concept of GARP?
  24. Is the Network affected during data plane failover?
  25. Is the Network affected during control plane failover?
  26. What are prerequisites while configuring 2 SRX in HA/cluster mode?
  27. Cisco IOS feature set of “IP SLA” is a method of monitoring and reliably reporting on network performance. What is the Juniper equivalent feature name called?
  28. If FAB link goes down, what happens to cluster?
  29. If Control link goes down, what happens to cluster?
  30. What is Active-Active Cluster vs Active-Passive cluster?
  31. What type of interfaces need to be configured in clustering?
  32. What is use of “Configuration GROUP” Hierarchy in cluster?
  33. Which config portion controls the permissions for traffic flow (sec policies)?
  34. What is a security Zone?
  35. Is the traffic by default permitted for Inter Zone or Intra Zone?
  36. How would you troubleshoot high CPU?
  37. Name few types of screen options?
  38. What are stateless Firewall filters?
  39. What are 3 types of VPN tunnels?
  40. How to troubleshoot when VPN goes down?
  41. Name few VPN proposal sets that can be configured on SRX?
  42. Is SSL VPN Supported on SRX Firewall?
  43. What is the best interface to use for network management on the SRX?
  44. What are components of the security policies?
  45. What is an ALG and how does it function?
  46. What are NAT types in Juniper SRX?
  47. What is difference between Virtual Router and Logical System?
  48. Why would you use no-NAT rules in your NAT policy, and which NAT types support them?
  49. What is the difference between DPD and VPN monitoring
  50. What is NAT-T and when must it be used?



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