AWS Interview Q&A Vol 1.0


AWS Interview  Q&A Vol 1.0

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Check the complete list of questions:

  1. What is Cloud Computing?
  2. What are key components of AWS?
  3. What is the difference between Elasticity and Scalability?
  4. What is difference between region and availability zones in AWS?
  5. How many regions and availability zones are in AWS?
  6. What is Amazon SES?
  7. What are components of AWS Global Infrastructure?
  8. What are Edge Locations?
  9. What are connectivity options for connecting customer Data Center or office locations to AWS Cloud?
  10. What is IAM?
  11. A new enterprise is planning to move an application which engages in transaction with various end users (customers) using debit card and credit card. Any key security certification or compliance the enterprise should be verifying with AWS before moving the application workload?
  12. List 4 key terminologies in IAM?
  13. What is MFA?
  14. What are different types of MSA devices?
  15. Which account has complete admin access by default?
  16. What is the access and permission level of newly created user?
  17. In what language are policy documents written in?
  18. A company has recently migrated to AWS Cloud in Mumbai region and administrator wants to create an S3 Bucket for Mumbai only but unable to do so. Why?
  19. What is bucket?
  20. How many types of S3 Storage Classes are there? 
  21. On uploading a document to S3 bucket, the user browser receives HTTP 200 code. What action needs to be taken?
  22. A new PDF file has been uploaded into the S3 Bucket location. However my clients are unable to see the document through internet. What needs to be done in this case?
  23. How can we control access to buckets?
  24. What is difference between S3 and EC2?
  25. What the prerequisites are for cross region replication?
  26. Correct or incorrect – Once a cross region replication is successfully tested, any new object created or deleted will automatically be replicated to the other region bucket?
  27. What are 2 ways of performing encryption in transit?
  28. What are the 3 types of Server side key encryption?
  29. While deleting a file in S3 bucket, what is the additional layer of security that can be provided?
  30. What is befit of putting tag to any file or bucket?
  31. In S3 how many buckets can be created?
  32. What is Auto Scaling?
  33. What is lifecycle management?
  34. What is Transfer Acceleration? What mechanism does it employ to achieve accelerated uploads?
  35. What is CloudFront?
  36. What is difference between CloudFront and S3 Transfer Acceleration?
  37. Explain what T2 instances is?
  38. Which are 2 delivery methods used in Cloudfront?
  39. What is snowball?
  40. What is AWS snowmobile?
  41. What is AWS Storage Gateway?
  42. What are different types of Storage Gateway options AWS offers to customers?
  43. What is Volume Gateway? What are its types?
  44. An AWS user needs to access AWS through newly developed application which can integrate through APIs with AWS Cloud. What credentials are required by user to make this possible?
  45. What is the maximum size of file that can be stored in S3 bucket?
  46. What is EC2?
  47. What are the various pricing models for EC2?
  48. What is DynamoDB?
  49. A new company wants to setup EC2 instance in AWS for Application streaming videos. Which type of instance should be used for this workload type?
  50. What are the steps involved in launching Ec2 instance?
  51. What is function of security while configuring Ec2 instance?
  52. A new rule has been implemented under Security Group of a new Ec2 instance. How much time the administrator may wait before validating the change.
  53. Can we establish a peering connection to a VPC in a different REGION?
  54. What is difference between Security Groups and Network ACLs?
  55. While configuring on instance of EC2 which is configured as Web server, the administrator accidentally removed all the outbound rules for that instance under security Group. What will be the impact?
  56. What are the different types of instances?
  57. In the same Web server, if the inbound rules are removed instead, what will be the impact?
  58. What is a redshift?
  59. One EC2 instance can be mapped with how many Security Groups?
  60. What is EBS?
  61. How can we monitor network traffic in the VPC?
  62. What are the different types of EBS storage?
  63. What is difference between CloudWatch and CloudTrail?
  64. What is difference between Default VPC and Custom VPC?
  65. What is Key Pair and its use?
  66. What is Default VPC?
  67. Which all VPN connection options are available for connecting Amazon VPC?
  68. What is Elastic IP Addresses?
  69. What is the role of AWS CloudTrail?
  70. What is the difference between NAT Instances and NAT Gateways?
  71. What is AWS Elastic Beanstalk?
  72. What is difference between EC2 and AWS Elastic Beanstalk?
  73. Can you make a VPC available in multiple Available Zones?
  74. What is a security Group?
  75. What is difference between AWS and Azure Cloud solutions?
  76. What are the different launch permissions associated with AMI?
  77. What is the maximum MTU supported by EC2 instances?
  78. A user created an AWS account. Will there be a VPC he needs to configure or already created VPC which the user may use?
  79. What are placement Groups? What are different types of Placement Groups?
  80. What is difference between EC2 Classic and EC2-VPC?
  81. What is VPC peering?
  82. What is ELB?
  83. Can you connect your VPC with a VPC created by another AWS account?
  84. What are types of Load Balancers AWS service can provide? Describe the types of ELB?
  85. What is an OAI? What is its significance?
  86. In AWS setup, a single subnet can be associated with how many route table? Also, a route table can be associated with how many subnets?
  87. What are different types of Route tables?
  88. What is the use of Connection Draining?
  89. How do I allow access to an Amazon S3 bucket only from a CloudFront distribution?
  90. Explain the term listeners for Network Load Balancers?
  91. What is Amazon S3 Glacier?
  92. A new customer wants to migrate extremely large database (in volumes of Terabytes) to AWS Cloud, but face challenge while uploading such heavy amount of data over Internet links which may affect the currently working in-house DC production workload (like Internet Facing applications and Internet based job works). What solution should be used to address this requirement?
  93. What is EFS?
  94. What are different storage types in AWS?
  95. What is difference between AMI and snapshot?
  96. How many relational dataset engines does RDS support?
  97. In a VPC how many EC2 instances can you use?
  98. In CloudFront what happens when content is NOT present at an Edge location and a request is made to it?
  99. CloudFront has received a status code of “304” from origin server. What does this signify?
  100. What is difference between Elastic IP and Public IP?



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