ServiceNow Interview Q&A Vol 1.0

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ServiceNow Interview  Q&A Vol 1.0

Questions 100

Check the complete list of questions:

  1. Define ServiceNow.
  2. What does the term CMDB stands for?
  3. Mention the products accessible with ServiceNow.
  4. What do you understand by the word ‘Application’ in ServiceNow?
  5. What do you understand by CMDB Baseline?
  6. What is the process of enabling or disabling an application?
  7. Define a view.
  8. What do you understand by the term ACL?
  9. Name the Parent table showcasing change, incident and problem.
  10. What do you understand by UI policy?
  11. Distinguish between Data policy and UI policy?
  12. What do you understand by client script?
  13. Define the method of cancelling a form submission via client script.
  14. It is feasible for a user to call a business rule via a client script?
  15. Define a gliderecord.
  16. What is the easiest way to set a field unique within table?
  17. Define data directory.
  18. Mention the role that you are needed to update/ create ACL.
  19. Define the path by which you can verify the ServiceNow instance node you are currently working on?
  20. What is the process of enabling and disabling the labels in pie chart?
  21. Define an import set.
  22. What do you understand by transform map?
  23. What do you understand by the term Foreign Record Insert?
  24. Name the searching technique employed to explore a record or a text in ServiceNow.
  25. Define inactivity monitor.
  26. What is the process of removing ‘Remember Me’ check-box right from the login page?
  27. Name the table that is used in ServiceNow in order to audit the changes made to the records.
  28. Define Schema map.
  29. What do you understand by a dashboard?
  30. What is the meaning of the term ‘indicators’ in the performance analytics of ServiceNow?
  31. What is the best method of setting up the default value of the date field to the current date/time value?
  32. What do you understand by the term client transaction timing?
  33. What is the function of setForceUpdate()?
  34. What is the importance of the function setLimit(n)?
  35. Which is the function that can be employed to procure row count within a gliderecord?
  36. Differentiate between the terms deleteMultiple() and deleteRecord().
  37. Define the path to disable an attachment over a particular ServiceNow table.
  38. Define Gauges.
  39. What are the roles employed by Knowledge management?
  40. How can you build own report?
  41. Mention the process to activate reporting engine?
  42. Mention the names of a few report types that you could self generate?
  43. What is the pathway to regulate the script conditions of the Access Control Rules that are applied to the reference fields of a table?
  44. Define the pathway to build an Inbound Email Action?
  45. Highlight the pattern through which ServiceNow identifies Inbound Emails?
  46. Define the approach of enabling automatic user creation through email?
  47. How the permission could be sanctioned to locked out users in order to trigger the inbound email actions?
  48. Mention the role that is necessary to build and access the baseline?
  49. How can you alter the recipient limit tin email notification in the system?
  50. How would you distinguish among ${URI} and ${URI_REF}?
  51. How can you conceal a watermark universally?
  52. What do you understand by a BSM Map?
  53. Mention the table update where customization and sets are stored?
  54. What will happen in case where a Default update set is highlighted in complete form?
  55. Are Content pages and Homepages included to the update sets?
  56. What do you understand by Reference qualifier?
  57. What is the role of Performance Analytics in the tool ServiceNow?
  58. Mention the step of disabling a client transaction?
  59. What is the navigating path to modify the Homepage layout?
  60. How to transform the banner and subsequently list caption the background colour?
  61. What is the path process of building a new role?
  62. Is it possible for me to procure more than one function listening for the same thing?
  63. Name the method employed in order to access all kinds of active/inactive records right from a table?
  64. What is the path of getting the result set right from two tables existing within glide script?
  65. Define the object utilized to refer the current active form inside a client script.
  66. Define the object utilized to refer the current logged-in user within the client script?
  67. Mention some of the best practices associated with client scripts.
  68. How would you reveal/ conceal a field with the help of client script?
  69. Define the processing order meant for Record ACL rules?
  70. What is the process of accessing the records for specified fields that are not null?
  71. What is the process of accessing all the records in case where incident is comprising of category in the form of hardware or software?
  72. What is the process of setting the invalid queries right into empty result sets?
  73. What is the exact method of determining any of the field values within a record that has been changed?
  74. Distinguish between next() and _next() method.
  75. Name the glide function used to retrieve the exact number of total or selected rows of a table?
  76. What do you understand by the term “Business Rule”?
  77. What do you understand by ‘domain separation’ in the tool ServiceNow?
  78. Name the different kinds of search options that are accessible with ServiceNow.
  79. What is the application of HTML Sanitizer?
  80. What do you understand by the term ‘record producer’?
  81. Define the term ‘dictionary override’?
  82. What do you understand by the term coalesce?
  83. What do you understand by LDAP Integration and its application?
  84. What do you mean by installation exit?
  85. What do you understand by the term scorecard in ServiceNow?
  86. What does the function setWorkflow(e) actually commits?
  87. Is it possible for you to update a record without actually updating the system fields (like sys_updated_on, sys_updated_by)?
  88. What do you understand by impersonating a user? What is the use of it?
  89. Define the term dictionary override.
  90. Mention the application of ServiceNow Change Management Application?
  91. What is the benefit of the Client Transaction Timings plug-in?
  92. Enlist the stepwise process to enable or disable an application in the tool ServiceNow?
  93. Define the meaning of data lookup and record matching.
  94. What is HTML Sanitizer?
  95. While creating a customized homepage, SNC creates a copy of that and ________
  96. Define the objective of a service catalogue workflow.
  97. While creating catalogue variable, what is the most important factor to take into consideration?
  98. Define the goal of an Order Guide.
  99. What is the function of trform map?
  100. What is the life cycle of change request wrt service now?



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