Cloud Engineer


Cloud Engineer Interview Q&A Vol 1.0


Cloud Engineer Interview Questions & Answers Vol 1.0

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Check the complete list of questions:

Q1. What is cloud?

Q2. Differentiate between cloud and cloud computing?

Q3. What are various cloud service models? Explain in brief

Q4. What are the different deployment models in cloud environment?

Q5. Who coined the term ‘Cloud computing’?

Q6. What is edge computing?

Q7. Differentiate between scalability and elasticity with reference to cloud computing?

Q8. Explain reliability and availability in the context of cloud computing.

Q9. Explain different types of cloud storage levels.

Q10. Define the term ‘Multi-cloud’

Q11. Explain the term ‘Shadow IT’.

Q12. What is a cloud firewall?

Q13. What are some popular examples of shadown IT applications?

Q14. Have you heard of the term ‘Eucalytus’? Elaborate.

Q15. Differentiate between Hybrid cloud and Hybrid IT.

Q16. Compare Public, Private and Hybrid cloud computing types.

Q17. Explain the functioning of various layers in cloud architecture.

Q18. What are the different types of data centers in cloud computing?

Q19. Explain role of API in cloud services.

Q20. What are the categories of cloud APIs?

Q21. Explain different forms of APIs.

Q22.What is Container as a service or CaaS?

Q23. What is another name for ‘Serverless’ computing?

Q24. Name some of the most popular open source databases on cloud computing.

Q25. What is Openstack in cloud computing?

Q26. What are the advantages and disadvantages of serverless computing?

Q27. Explain the term ‘Microservices’.

Q28. Elaborate difference between Monolithic and Microservices architecture.

Q29. Elaborate difference between API and Microservices.

Q30. What do you understand about rate limiting and its usage?

Q31. Differentiate between cloud data replication and traditional data replication.

Q32. Name five cloud data replication tools.

Q33. How resource replication works in cloud computing ? Explain

Q34. Describe in detail about cloud monitoring usage.

Q35. What is cloud VPN?

Q36. Differentiate between Application load balancer (ALB), Network load balancer (NLB) and Elastic load balancer (ELB).

Q37. How is the virtual cloud isolated in public cloud ? Explain.

Q38. What is Elastic Compute cloud (EC2)?

Q39. What is the function of Cloudformation?

Q40. What is the function of Amazon Cloudwatch?

Q41. How does Google cloud provide protection against Distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks?

Q42. Provide comparison between Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS.

Q43. How is vertical scaling supported in AWS?

Q44. Define elastic IP?

Q45. What is Google Bigquery used for ?

Q46. How many storage accounts are supported by Azure subscription?

Q47. Compare Azure storage account services.

Q48. What are the common security risks in cloud computing?

Q49.List down the advantages of using Azure content delivery network.

Q50. Describe Amazon machine image.


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