SAML Interview Questions and Answers Vol 1.0

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SAML Interview Questions & Answers Vol 1.0

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Check the complete list of questions:

  1. What is full form of SAML?
  2. What is SAML?
  3. What are the main features of SAML?
  4. What is Authentication in SAML?
  5. What is Authorization in SAML?
  6. On which protocols does SAML work?
  7. What is Single Sign-On?
  8. What are benefits of using SAML?
  9. What are the major differences between SAML and OAuth?
  10. Enlist some of the widely used SSO providers?
  11. Is SAML an Open Standard?
  12. What is SAML designed for?
  13. What are three assertions in SAML?
  14. What is Difference between Authentication, Attribute and Authorization?
  15. What is similarity between OpenID and SAML?
  16. What Is The Difference Between OpenID And SAML?
  17. SAML is product of which committee or organization?
  18. What is Single Sign-on? Explain its benefits.
  19. How does SAML works?
  20. What Is Latest Version Of SAML?
  21. Where Is SAML Being Standardized?
  22. What are the three main entities involved in single sign-on?
  23. Explain SAML process types i.e. IDP-initated and P-initiated?
  24. What Are The Major Goals Of SAML 1.0?
  25. What are the major Issues that were postponed to future versions of SAML?
  26. What will be the benefit of having all the major security vendors implement SAML?
  27. How Does SAML protect against “Man-in-the-middle” And “replay” Security Attacks In General?
  28. Do all systems using SSO have to same password?
  29. What is the difference between SAML and LDAP?
  30. Does SSO use LDAP?
  31. Is SAML secure?
  32. Is SAML outdated?
  33. Does SAML require SSL?
  34. What does OAuth stand for?
  35. Does OpenID use SAML?
  36. Does SAML use cookies?
  37. What is SAML 2.0 authentication?
  38. How do I get SAML response?
  39. How does SAML encryption work?
  40. What does SAML response contain?
  41. What is one major advantage of using SSO?
  42. What is the advantage and disadvantage of single sign on SSO?
  43. Does SSO improve security?
  44. What is SAML profile?
  45. Does SAML use tokens?
  46. Can OAuth be combined with SAML?
  47. What is in a SAML assertion?
  48. Is SAML encrypted?
  49. How long a SAML is token valid for?
  50. Where is SAML used?



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